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Monday, September 24, 2012

What The Hail?

Well, what about hail? It seems that almost every summer Manitoba gets hit with sizeable hail in one part of the province or another. Winnipeg included seems to get it almost every year. Unlike your vehicle, if you're lucky enough to be able to park your car in your garage prior to it getting pelted by hail, your roof is not a lucky. Hail storms will range in intensity and size of hail, from pea size to quarter size or golf ball size (those ones do damage!). Although not all hail will damage your roof, it's a good idea to take a look at your shingles and eavestrough after a hail storm to ensure that your shingles have not been damaged to the point that they will pre-maturely age.

A hail storm is normally coming from one direction as it swoops by so, some roofs will only show signs of hail damage on certain slopes which are impacted more directly by the hail, whereas lower pitched roofs will at times show damage to all slopes. Depending on the age of the shingle or more specifically how brittle it has become due to aging, the more damaged it may become. We have found over the years that a newer roof will withstand the beating from a smaller sized hail stone, whereas older roofs will suffer damages. Remember that just because your roof did get hit by hail doesn't mean that the shingles are damaged. I say this because one of the biggest misunderstandings we deal with after a hail storm is when one neighbor is getting their roof replaced through insurance and the other neighbor right next door isn't! The situation is likely that the shingles on the one house did not withstand the hail storm and the other one did.  Although we are fortunate enough to be able to buy insurance on our roofs against hail damage it is quite a chore when it is not planned not to mention those darn deductibles which still need to get paid.

Shingle manufacturers have developed hail resistant shingles which are a little more expensive but certainly worth it in an area periodically hit by hail. For more information about these products, simply contact one of our experienced representatives and they'll be glad to go over these products with you.

Another item that tends to get damaged by hail is aluminum eavestroughs and downpipes. When we perform hail inspections we take a good look at the eavestrough as well as any metal cladding such as fascia or window cladding, this is all covered by insurance in most cases. As part of our service with respect to hail inspection we do a thorough inspection of all slopes, take photos of all damages and provide an inspection report complete with a cost of replacement. We have been dealing with most insurance companies over many years and have developed good relationships with them based on integrity and honesty.

Our recommendation at Lansard Bros Roofing is that if you suspect that your shingles may be damaged by hail, contact us through our website at, fill out our request a quote form and let us take care of things for you. I hope this Blog has answered some questions you many have had about hail damage, if you have any other questions, we'd love to talk with you, just call us at 204-233-4664 and we'll be glad to help.


Till next time! Take care and stay out of Hail!


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