Project Procedures

What Homeowners Should Expect

Whether the job is to supply and install roofing, eaves trough and down pipes, siding or soffit and fascia, this section has been created to provide our prospective clients some helpful information on what they should expect before we start the job, while the job is on-going and when the job is completed.

Approval of QuotationLansard Bros Showroom

Once you've decided to have us do your work, simply contact your Estimator by phone, email or by fax. The Estimator will then go over the contract with you to ensure that it is clear and understandable and assist you with the final color and style choices. Together you and the Estimator will sign the contract and go over an approximate time frame of when the job will begin.

Material delivery and start date notification

  • Our next step is that we will have the materials delivered to your home prior to the scheduled start date. On most roofing projects the shingles are delivered on top of the roof, however in some cases this is not possible so they will be placed on the grounds where they are accessible and not in the way.
  • Once the materials have arrived we recommend that our clients move items that may be damaged by the required work or may cause a hazard to the workers such as;
    • Barbecues
    • Lawn Ornaments
    • Christmas Lights
    • Patio Furniture
    • Tree Branches
    • Bees Nests
    • We ask that the homeowner help us to protect other items such as Hot-tubs, flower beds and gardens if they are near the work area.
  • We ask our customers to activate the exterior electrical outlets for our equipment.
  • We will coordinate an appropriate parking location with you for our work vehicle and or trailer if required.

While the Job is in progress

  • Our crew will remove items from the roof in order to complete the project as it should be such as Satellite dishes. We will re-fasten the dish to the roof however if you experience signal loss, please contact your service provider to make adjustments.
  • In the event that electrical supply re-locations or temporary disconnections are required in order for LBR to complete a job, we ask that our clients make the necessary arrangements with MB Hydro or a qualified electrician and coordinate times with us.

Job Completion

  • Upon completing the job, our crews inspect their work, clean the job site and pick up any nails left behind. The crew will return any leftover material to our office
  • Our in house inspector will perform an inspection of the complete job and turn over the job site to the customer.
  • Our office will mail out your final invoice including any additional work that may have been required and approved by you the customer.
  • Upon receipt of your payment in full Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. will provide you with the validated workmanship warranty and Manufacturers warranty certificates.
  • You, the customer, your friends and family enjoy a beautiful, well protected home for years to come!

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