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If you would like to find out more information about the C.O.R. Program please visit the Construction Safety Associations website.

Lansard Bros. Roofing is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment which will protect its staff, its property and the public from injury or occupational disease.  We consider health and safety to be our most important responsibility, therefore sacrificing it for the sake of expediency is not acceptable under any circumstance.  It is our firm belief that accidents and incidents can be prevented by implementing and enforcing a solid health and safety program.

Below is our Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) issued by the Manitoba Construction Safety Association and also endorsed by Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Department.  This certificate acknowledges construction companies who have implemented a comprehensive safety program.

In fulfilling this commitment to both people and property, management accepts the responsibility of leadership for the Health and Safety Program, and for its effectiveness and compliance to recognized standards.  Management will also provide safeguards, training and necessary protective equipment to ensure safe work conditions, and will lead by example.

Supervisors and Foremen are responsible and accountable for the Health and Safety of the workers assigned to them.  Supervisors and Foremen shall ensure:

  • Workers are properly trained to do their jobs safely.
  • Workers follow safe work practices and procedures, and use Personal Protective Equipment where necessary.
  • Workers comply with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Sub-trades follow Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

Workers are ultimately responsible for their own safety, and shall:

  • Show genuine cooperation with the company Health and Safety Program, its rules, safe work practices, and applicable safety legislation.
  • Report all unsafe acts, equipment or conditions promptly to their Supervisor or Foreman.
  • Participate in safety training if invited to do so.

Lansard Bros. Roofing employees at every level are responsible and accountable for the success of our company’s overall safety initiatives.  These shared responsibilities require complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job, and are vital to achieving our goal of safety excellence.

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program is an occupational health and safety certification program for construction industry employers aimed at reducing the human and financial costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries. It may also used as a pre-qualification requirement for contractors working in and out of province.

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