Cedar Roofs

About Cedar

The "Tree of Life", as called by the earliest residents of the Canadian West Coast or Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar, for all the centuries, has been a vital source for their roofing, wall covering and even clothing.

Cedar is known for its natural beauty, because of its richness of grain, texture and colour, yet it is also known for durability and longevity. It has become a living legend for its naturally built in resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. Cedar shakes and shingles meet all climatic demand and provide the highest insulating value of any roofing products. Cedar is dimensionally stable therefore It stays straight and flat, which helps to keep the fasteners retained.

Cedar Shakes

Shakes have a natural split face with the natural grain of the wood exposed to produce a rustic profile with a highly textured surface. They are produced in four types:

  1. Hand-split-and resawn
  2. Straight split
  3. Tapersplit
  4. Taper resawn

Cedar Shingles

Shingles are sawn on both sides and produce a relatively smooth finished look. They are produced in four grades and three lengths.

  • No.1 Blue Label
  • No.2 Red Label
  • No.3 Black Label
  • No.4 Under coursing length

For more information about cedar shingles and shakes you can download this PDF.

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