Roof Repairs

Wind Damage ShinglesLeaky roof? Must be the shingles right! Maybe not!

There are several reasons why water will drip from your ceiling, window jambs, doorways, light fixtures, bathroom fans or even furnace ducting. As a matter of fact sometimes there could be water dripping from one or more of the above and it's not even raining out! Although there is something to be said with trial and error style repairs, this philosophy can become very expensive and time consuming when it comes to roof repairs.

At Lansard Bros Roofing, we offer a comprehensive repair service made up of full time veteran roofers that have seen it all and have repaired it all! Here are some of the reasons our clients, be it residential home owners or property management companies rely on us to fix it once and fix it right.

Roof Leaks and other problems

Upon a scheduled appointment with you we will;

  1. Conduct a brief consultation with you to identify what you have observed.
  2. Investigate the interior of the home, the attic space and the roof itself in order to locate the source of the leak.
  3. Conduct an infrared thermal imaging inspection of the suspect areas to identify potential problems as well as possible future problems.
  4. Investigate attic ventilation or possible heat loss issues which may cause condensation leaks and inspect roof flashings and roof installation concerns.
  5. Once we have identified the severity of the problem we will do one of the following;
    • Provide you with a firm quote for repairs and proceed upon your approval.
    • In the case of a more complex issue, provide you with a written report of the problem at a fair market value along with a firm quote for the cost of repairs. Upon your approval we will schedule the repairs.

Deficiencies in your roof system

Have you ever found yourself wondering what condition your roof is in? Or if the roof on the home you just purchased is properly installed? (Or if your husband should keep his day job!) We offer a complete roof system inspection and repair service that will put your mind at ease.

Our roof system inspection includes a detailed report of the following;

  1. Shingle life expectancy
  2. All roof penetrations such as vents, plumbing vent pipes, chimneys
  3. Condition of roof flashings
  4. Condition of valleys and ridge capping
  5. Structural issues which may cause leaks or pre-mature aging of your roof system.
  6. A written report complete with a quote for repairs if needed.

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