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Soffit & Fascia

At Lansard Bros. Roofing (2006) Ltd. we understand the importance of properly ventilating your home to prevent expensive repairs due to damage from poor ventilation. Adding proper soffit ventilation along with proper roof vents, can increase comfort, reduce energy costs and decrease repair costs.

Although gutters and downspouts control the huge amount of rainwater and melting snow, there may still be a small amount of water penetration behind the gutters causing the roof edge and wood fascia board to get wet and rot. Installing prefinished aluminum soffits and fascia will prevent this as well as give your home a new, distinctive look and there are many colours to choose from.

You will never need to replace them because they can not rust or rot away. They are the perfect way to keep your home maintenance free as you'll never have to paint them again.

Cladding the eaves of the house involves three factory finished parts:

  1. Soffit – fits underneath the roof over-hang, and usually perforated to allow for attic ventilation. Roof vents or ridge vents are not enough to acquire proper ventilation. Air circulation inside the attic should have a complete cycle to prevent moisture inside the attic. Soffit ventilation completes its cycle and serves as the intake or outlet depending on the wind direction outside the house.
  2. J-channel caps - a small trough-shape strip caps the edge of the soffit that sits along the wall, while holding the soffit up and making the area look good at the same time.
  3. Fascia Cladding – covers the outer face of the roof over-hang. The bottom edge of the fascia is bent into an L-shape hooking over the soffit and holding it secure while making the transition joint look good.

Custom Cladding

Custom aluminum cladding is fabricated on site then installed to completely seal your wooden frames from the effects of weather & time. It will eliminate the need for you to paint or worry about your windows again. Your window and door frames need to be properly maintained year after year to stay looking great.

Until recently home owners have only been presented with two options: Paint or replace. Window & door cladding is today's alternative to traditional exterior painting. It is available in up to 20 different colors.

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