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Over the years, more and more of our clients have become interested in more than just a new roof. Lansard Bros. Roofing has been growing with our clients' needs when it comes to a complete exterior upgrade.  Not only do we do soffits, siding, eavestroughs and custom metal cladding, we are proud to say that we offer top quality windows and doors! If you are looking to upgrade the look and value of your home as well as maximize its efficiency allow us to take care of the complete package for you!

Lansard Bros. Roofing has teamed up with 2 top quality window and door manufacturers to bring you the best selection and quality available!  We have been installing windows and doors for several years now and our clients couldn't be more pleased with the fact that when it comes to a complete exterior upgrade we take care of everything from top to bottom!

Here's what new windows and doors can do for your home;

  1. Enhance the value, comfort level and appearance of your home.
  2. Lower energy costs by retaining heat in your home and keeping the cold winter and hot summer out.
  3. Reduce your upkeep by installing maintenance free windows and doors.

Lansard Bros Roofing works with Manitoba Hydro through their Power Smart programs to help Manitobans save on energy costs.  With energy costs going up there couldn't be a better time to invest in new windows and doors for your home.  Let us help you save money while beautifying your home!

What should homeowners look for when choosing a windows and doors replacement contractor?

  • Quality: Lansard Bros. Roofing has researched the industry to find the best quality window manufacturers available.  We have found two window and door makers who have stood the test of time and have proven to offer excellent products along with solid warranties.
  • Choice of Frame and Design, Style and Appearance: We provide windows from two makers because they each have their own variety of design and frame finishes to choose from and they all offer PVC windows.
  • Time tested products and service: We believe strongly in the idea that a long term proven track record speaks for itself!  That is why we choose to install only windows and doors that are made by companies who have a solid track record of R & D and have been in business for at least 30 years!  Just like Lansard Bros Roofing!
  • Energy Efficiency: All windows and doors offered by these companies come with Energy Efficient features, such as:
    • Triple glazed glass with ½" air spaces
    • Low-E glass and argon gas filled sealed units
    • Insulating glass with high visible light transmission
  • Warranty: The window manufacturers below whose products we install both offer lifetime warranties!  In order to qualify for the warranty the windows must be installed as per the specifications of these manufacturers.  We are proud to say that we are authorized installers of both these windows and doors!

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